It is a house of approximately 90 sq m, with private outdoor space of around 700 sq m. It can host up to 4 people. The rustic exterior style contrasts with its modern interior design. It has a private garden with parking area, barbecue, outdoor table, sun-loungers, etc.

The Setting

The house is located in a rural setting where a shepherd herding his cattle can still be spotted. Built on the mountainside just a few yards away from a sea inlet covered with white sand and washed by a choppy sea, its location is perfect for water sports. Two mountains guard it covered in vegetation where you can lose yourself as if you were living in a brothers Grimm fairy tale. There is a host of solitary beaches offering a wide range of possibilities; from easy access beaches with all types of amenities to hidden coves with sand that has not been treaded on, even during high season. On the hills you can find remains from our ancestors living together with the environment.

The House

Although it is a stone house, we wanted to give it a modern and minimal, yet cosy look. Through its large windows you can watch a sea with an ever-changing mood. However, as any country house worthy of the name, a fireplace had to be present to give out the unmistakable scent of a past era, so sitting reading becomes even more interesting. The kitchen stands out in contrast with its impeccable finish, robust but subtle. The bathroom, with blue colours –as many other details in the house‒, has a spacious shower that hides a secret in its wall.

The Details

The stone and the blue colour are two significant, distinctive elements of the house. The blue on the windows and the tiles surrounding the house make it look washed by the sea and the iron rain gutters look like ships. Inside, the polished cement floors and the wood in the rooms turn the house into a sophisticated but welcoming dwelling.
The abrupt stone forms different shapes and crevices inside the house, creating a nostalgic atmosphere. Outside, a stone table stands, made of the base of an old “lareira” (hearth) and surrounded by greenery that brings this distinct air of freedom and delights children.

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