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Located in a small sea inlet on the distinctive, incomparable and abrupt Costa da Morte, Pedracuca was developed as a small project by a Galician man and a Castilian woman looking for a place where time would seem to have stood still and where the sea and oak forests would transport them to a peaceful and joyful world, hard to find in everyday life.

Pedracuca Nova

Pedracuca Nova




The gastronomy from Costa da Morte is highly valued all over the world. A host of restaurants is scattered throughout the whole area to satisfy the appetite of thousands of visitors who come here every year. Its varied cuisine offers outstanding dishes such as spider crab, razor clams and sea bass baked in salt.


The area provides many opportunities; you can enjoy nature, go hiking, explore routes by bicycle, play golf or take courses in surf or kitesurf.


Its archaeological heritage is remarkable; for instance, the Dolmen of Dombate, known as the Galician megalithic cathedral, and the “castro” (iron-age walled settlement) in the town of Borneiro.

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